mandag den 31. oktober 2011

NOTD : OPI - Honk If You Love OPI

Hello everyone!
I hope everyone is doing well!! And happy Halloween!! :-)
Today's NOTD is by OPI called Honk If You Love OPI. It's actually a polish I got with the Touring America mini set. I liked all the colors, but this is my fave! I really like this polish. I normally don't like these kind of deep purple polishes. Actually I don't normally fall for any dark plum/red/purple colors, but after I discovered this one, which I am totally loving, I am obsessed! I have to buy more of them now! It's like my favorite color atm! ;-)

Have a nice morning/day/evening/night :-)
See you next time!

The true color was a bit hard to capture. This is the closest to the true color.

mandag den 17. oktober 2011

USA Haul!

Hi again!
So as I promised, here is my USA haul:

OPI - Plugged-in Plum, OPI - Rally Pretty Pink, OPI - Red Shatter
OPI - My Address is "Hollywood", OPI - French Quarter for Your Thoughts, OPI - A-taupe the Space Needle, OPI - Honk If You Love OPI
Sally Hansen -  420 Pacific Blue, Sally Hansen - 200 Strobe Light, Sally Hansen - 350 Purple Potion, Sally Hansen - 140 Rockstar Pink, Sally Hansen - 400 Virtual Violet
Sinful Colors - 947 Mint Apple, Sinful Colors - 105 Midnight Blue, Sinful Colors 831 Hottie, Sinful Colors - 198 Irish Green
Sally Hansen - 760 On the Rocks, Sally Hansen - Mighty Mango, Sally Hansen - Hard Lemonade
Sally Hansen HD - 13 Resolution

If you want to see swatches of any colors, please let me know! :)

Long time no see!

I am so so so sorry for not posting anything in ages!
I have just had so many things to do, as school started and stuff! But nothing too new has happened, except the fact that I am getting a little Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy in 24 days! I am so so excited! I've had dogs before, but I've never had a male dog! Ahhh! I can't wait. I will post pictures as soon as he's here!
Oh and then Freja has been a bit sick - I've been so worried for her. But she seems fine now though!
And then I got a few polishes from the US, as my mum was there, and bought me a few ;) I will show you what I got later today! ;)

Even though I have been busy, I haven't forgotten the blog totally. I have taken a few NOTD pictures that I will post later on! :)

I'll see you later on today! ;)

fredag den 9. september 2011

NOTD: OPI - Russian Navy Suide + China Glaze - Pink Voltage

Long time, no see! I know that i've been gone for over a week now. I've just had so much to do this week. Beside yesterday, where I was in Tivoli in Copenhagen. It was really fun, I tried a lot of things and ate a lot of candy! :P I am sick now, though! I tried something called "Himmelskibet" ( and the wind was blowing like crazy and it was quite cold, so I think that it could be because of that, that I got sick. :( But it was fun, though! :D

Today's NOTD that I am going to show you is an old one, from July/early August I think. I am wearing Russian Navy Suede by OPI, which is a matte shimmery dark blue polish! :-) On my ringfinger I am wearing China Glaze's Pink Voltage which is a neon pink! :-) I used 1 coat of Russian Navy and 3 coats of China Glaze's Pink Voltage.

Have a great day!

tirsdag den 30. august 2011

I suck + A NOTD

Hi everyone!
I know, I know, I've been gone for a whole week! I've just been so so busy with school! I'm really trying to update this blog as often as I can, so please forgive me! :)

This NOTD is a polish from H&M's summer set, called Metallic Blue, even though it isn't metallic, LOL!
I really like this polish. It's a shimmery/glittery bluish polish. I used two thin coats. I actually bought this whole set, only because of Metallic Blue. I really fell in love with the color. But that doesn't mean that I didn't like the other ones in the set. I actually really liked the purple one too, called Purple (the names are very creative)! :P

I hope that I will see you soon again! :-)

tirsdag den 23. august 2011

NOTD: Sephora – Diving in Malaysia // A Chanel Peridot dupe?

Hi everyone!
I am back with another NOTD.
This polish that I am about to show you is a polish I bought while I was in Barcelona. When I saw it in Sephora, I was surprised about how much it looked like Chanel's Peridot, so I bought it. It was 5€, so way way cheaper, than Peridot would be. I don't have Peridot myself, to compare, but I am pretty sure that this would be a cheaper alternative, for Peridot. Diving in Malaysia (DIN) is a gold/green polish, like Peridot is, the only difference about these two are that DIN is more gold.

These pictures are also taken before I cut my nails short again. :P

I used two coats.
I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. :-)

lørdag den 20. august 2011

NOTD: Golden Rose - 120

Hi everyone!
I know i've been gone for way too long. First I was 2 weeks in Finland, then I was home for 3 days or so, and then I was off to Barcelona, and then I got home and school almost started right away! And now because school has started again, it's harder for me to blog often, but i'll try as hard as I can. :)

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, my nails are super short again, because they were totally ruined as I changed my nails polish every day this week. And they were doing so great! They weren't dry, no peeling and they weren't stained eather, but now they are, because I changed my polish every day! Ahhh! :( So I thought that I would be better if I just cut them down again. At least I learned a lesson, never ever change your polish daily. :P

Now to the NOTD:
Golden Rose is a brand I've heard of a couple of times before, but never seen here in Denmark. So I got a bit excited when I saw the brand in Finland. I fell in love with a green holo, a black holo, and this polish that I am about to show you. I only bought this polish though, because I knew I was going to Barcelona, and didn't want to spend all my money, because it would have been pretty bad if I didn't have any in Barcelona, LOL!

#120 is a red/pinkish holographic polish, and it's a two coater. The red/pinkish color is so so pretty, and I've been looking for this kind of holo polish for a long time. So yeah, I really like it, almost more than my lovely Reserve from OPI. :P

Btw, these pictures were taken before I cut my nails down again! And the polish looks a bit darker IRL!

See ya! <3

lørdag den 13. august 2011

My little little Barcelona haul! :-) + Chanel Peridot dupe???

Hi everyone! I am back from Barcelona now. :-)
I actually didn't find too many polishes from there, so now it makes me regret that I didn't buy all the polishes that I wanted, from Finland (which was a green and a black holo from Golden Rose). But maybe it's a good thing, cause then I saved some money, because as I told you, I dropped my lovely Teenage Dream, and I paid around 25 dollars to get a new one, because I am so scared to order it from Ebay, as there are so many fakes out there! I'll hope that it'll arrive next week, or at least the week after. And now I am giving it it's own special place, so I'll never drop my love again<3

Oh, and I found a new basecoat in Barcelona! It's by the brand Deborah Milano. I don't know if you guys know the brand? :-) But they have many cute polishes.... :-) And now, the pictures;

These are the two deborah milano polishes that I bought. :-) A base coat and a mint green polish, as they are my faves, even though I have a 1000 of them already. :-) I have tried the basecoat a couple of times, and so far, I like it. :)

I really was excited to go to Sephora. But I didn't want to buy too many of the polishes, because they cost 5€, and only have 5ml in them. But I had to buy the polish to the left, because it reminded me so so much of Chanel's Peridot. It is a duochrome, and like Chanel's Peridot, it has gold and green in it. :-) I tried to capture a good picture, but it was kinda hard.  Let me know if you want to see the swatches :) It is called Diving In Malaysia, if you're interested! :-) 
Then I bought a polish from Mavala, that is called Smoky Blue. It is such a pretty color for fall. It has a few blue glitters in it, that you unfortunately can't see on the picture. :( The other polish is from BeYu, which is a duochrome polish too! I really like it, I'll be putting up swatches of it soon, I hope! :-)

Then I bought two polishes from Essie. They were actually kinda cheap there. Around 6 to 8€, which is pretty cheap compared to the danish price. :P
The greyish one is called Chinchilly, which I think will be my "Back to School" color, LOL! Perfect for fall! :-)
Then I bought a polish from their summer collection (as far as I remember :P) It is called Super Bossa Nova, and it's a pink with some purple shimmer in it. It's lovely :P

So yeah, tell me if there is a polish that you would like to see a swatch of! :-) Btw, I am sorry for all the mistakes in this post, I am really tired, LOL!
See ya <3

mandag den 8. august 2011

NOTD: MNY - 661

Hi! I am in Barcelona atm, so this is a scheduled post! :-)

Hi everyone!
I hope you are having a great day so far!
This polish that I am going to show you is one of the polishes that I bought from Finland! It is by the brand MNY, which is Maybelline's little sister, I think. The brand isn't available in Denmark yet. :(
661 is a blue shimmery polish, and I really like it. Also the brush was really awesome! Not too thick, nor too thin :) I am wearing 2 coats. :)
See ya!

fredag den 5. august 2011

Off to Barcelona today!

Hi everyone. I am going to Barcelona today at 2 a.m. at night :P
I am going to be there for 6 days! I have only made one scheduled post, because it has been a really busy day. I was hoping to have two ready, but the time just ran out! I hope I will find some polishes that I can show you after the trip ;-)

Have a great week everyone!

torsdag den 4. august 2011

Bye bye Teenage Dream! :(

Yes, you guess it, I dropped my most fave polish in the whole wide world: OPI - TEENAGE DREAM<3! I guess I have very bad Karma atm, because I dropped all my polishes, and the only one that broke was Teenage Dream! :(
Damn, it really pisses me off! :(
Have you ever tried to drop a polish that you love?

tirsdag den 2. august 2011

Nail polish haul from Finland!

Hi everyone!
I am back from Finland now. I really had a great time there, just chilling and eating ice cream...... and buying polishes... ;-) It is great to be home too though, cause I've missed my bunnies a lot! Now I have to catch up on blogger and YouTube! I've around 7 hours of CTFxC and SHAYTARDS videos to watch, and around 3 hours of other videos. Anyone else that is obsessed with YouTube? I watch videos on YouTube insted of TV, LOL :P
I didn't buy so many polishes, because I am going to Spain (Barcelona to be exact) on Saturday and I know that I am going to pick a few polishes up there, too. So I ended up buying around 15 polishes, which I think is fine! :-)
I hope you enjoy the haul!

MNY - 661 3,50€, H&M - Blue Wave 2,95€, OPI - Russian Navy Suede 5,20€, Sinful Colors - Treasure Island 0,60€, Models Own - Disco Mix I got it for free from my cousin :)

H&M Summer Nails 3,95€: Pink, Purple, Metallic Blue, Yellow

Sinful Colors - Dream On (neon) 3,95€, China Glaze - Pink Voltage (neon) 9,95€, Sally Hansen - Strawberry Icing 4,80€, Golden Rose - 115 2,95€, MNY - 295 3,50€, Maybelline - Peach Coctail 3,80€

And then I bought Lemony Flutter which cost 12,95€

lørdag den 30. juli 2011

NOTD: Essie - Lilacism, again! :-)

-- Hi! This is a scheduled post, as I am chilling in Finland at the moment, and hopefully buying some new polishes that I can show you! ;-) --

Hi everyone!
This NOTD is Essie's Lilacism. It is a lovely lilac color. The first time i tried it I hated it. It was streaky, even after 3 coats... So I tried to rescue it with putting Silver Shatter on top. Didn't help much. I tried it a couple of weeks ago again, and I was surprised of how good it was. It wasn't streaky at all, it was easy to apply, and opaque after two coats. So now I love the polish, very much. It is actually one of my faves now. And Essie has become one of my favourite brands of nail polish. I love Essie as much as I love Barry M now!

What do you think of Lilacism? And do you have it? And if not, would you consider buying it?

Hope you are having a great day!

tirsdag den 26. juli 2011

Which and how many polishes am I taking with me to Finland?

-- Hi! This is a scheduled post, as I am chilling in Finland at the moment, and hopefully buying some new polishes that I can show you! ;-) --
Someone asked me which polishes I am taking with my on my vacation to Finland. As I don't have so much space, I decided only to take 3 polishes + a base coat (I don't have any top coats anymore, because I used them for Sinful Colors' Blue Ocean). I am also going to take a nail art brush, so I can makes some stripes or something, if I get bored of only have 3 polishes to choose from! :-) But I am sure that I am going to buy some polishes in Finland, so in the end I probably have more than 3 to choose from LOL. So the polishes that I am taking with me are:

Essie - Mint Candy Apple. I love mint green polishes. They are actually my fave. I wasn't sure if I should take Barry M's Mint Green or Essies Mint Candy Apple with me, but I decided to take Mint Candy Apple, as I only have used it twice, and the Barry M is already half empty. And because Mint Candy Apple is a one coater! :P

The next polish that I will be taking with me is Hot Makeup's Berlin Electric Blue. And I am taking that with me because it is a one coater, and very very easy to apply. It's perfect to use if  I am in a rush! :-)

And last but not least, I am taking Gosh's Neon Baby. Neon Baby is a hot pink, but not really neon. The reason that I am taking it with me is, again, because it's a one coater. Neon Baby is from the Special Edition collection for Spring Summer 2011, so you can still get them. The collection haves 4 colors. A lavender/blue one, a pink one, a lilac one and a greyish one. 

The basecoat that I am taking with me is from Mavala. There is not much left in the little polish. I was wondering if one of you know I great basecoat that I should try out? And a mint green polish that I should try out? :-)
As you can see, not much left!

See ya! Have a great day!

fredag den 22. juli 2011

Some new polishes... ;-)

-- Hi! This is a scheduled post, as I am chilling in Finland at the moment, and hopefully buying some new polishes that I can show you! ;-) --
Hi everyone!
I've two new polishes from Gosh to show you that I bought a while ago, while Matas had a Gosh BOGO (Buy one, get one). There weren't many polishes left when I got there, but there was luckily the polish I wanted in the first place, Gosh's Silver. I've heard that it is great for stamping as it is so pigmented. Because Silver was a great polish for stamping, I thought Gosh's Frou-Frou would be great too. Frou-Frou is a rose kind of silvery polish. It is really pretty. I haven't tried them yet, but I am sure that they will be great for it, because they are both one-coaters, which I really love. It's always a huge plus when a polish is a one-coater. :-)

I've also two polishes from Hot Makeup to show you. One of them I've already shown you guys, which is called Venice Green. The other one is called Berlin Electric Blue (which is one of the polishes I took with me to Finland). While Venice Green is a normal creme, Berlin Electric Blue is a jelly kind of polish. :-) I really like them both. They both need one to two coats, which is perfectly fine with me. My limit is 3 coats. ;-)

And then the last polish I will show you is a crazy one. I can't figure out if it is a orange or a pink kinda polish. I think that it is a orange based polish with pink glitter in it.:P But, I love it! I got it from a friend from Dubai.

I hope you are enjoying your day so far! :-)

See ya! :)