lørdag den 20. august 2011

NOTD: Golden Rose - 120

Hi everyone!
I know i've been gone for way too long. First I was 2 weeks in Finland, then I was home for 3 days or so, and then I was off to Barcelona, and then I got home and school almost started right away! And now because school has started again, it's harder for me to blog often, but i'll try as hard as I can. :)

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, my nails are super short again, because they were totally ruined as I changed my nails polish every day this week. And they were doing so great! They weren't dry, no peeling and they weren't stained eather, but now they are, because I changed my polish every day! Ahhh! :( So I thought that I would be better if I just cut them down again. At least I learned a lesson, never ever change your polish daily. :P

Now to the NOTD:
Golden Rose is a brand I've heard of a couple of times before, but never seen here in Denmark. So I got a bit excited when I saw the brand in Finland. I fell in love with a green holo, a black holo, and this polish that I am about to show you. I only bought this polish though, because I knew I was going to Barcelona, and didn't want to spend all my money, because it would have been pretty bad if I didn't have any in Barcelona, LOL!

#120 is a red/pinkish holographic polish, and it's a two coater. The red/pinkish color is so so pretty, and I've been looking for this kind of holo polish for a long time. So yeah, I really like it, almost more than my lovely Reserve from OPI. :P

Btw, these pictures were taken before I cut my nails down again! And the polish looks a bit darker IRL!

See ya! <3

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