lørdag den 13. august 2011

My little little Barcelona haul! :-) + Chanel Peridot dupe???

Hi everyone! I am back from Barcelona now. :-)
I actually didn't find too many polishes from there, so now it makes me regret that I didn't buy all the polishes that I wanted, from Finland (which was a green and a black holo from Golden Rose). But maybe it's a good thing, cause then I saved some money, because as I told you, I dropped my lovely Teenage Dream, and I paid around 25 dollars to get a new one, because I am so scared to order it from Ebay, as there are so many fakes out there! I'll hope that it'll arrive next week, or at least the week after. And now I am giving it it's own special place, so I'll never drop my love again<3

Oh, and I found a new basecoat in Barcelona! It's by the brand Deborah Milano. I don't know if you guys know the brand? :-) But they have many cute polishes.... :-) And now, the pictures;

These are the two deborah milano polishes that I bought. :-) A base coat and a mint green polish, as they are my faves, even though I have a 1000 of them already. :-) I have tried the basecoat a couple of times, and so far, I like it. :)

I really was excited to go to Sephora. But I didn't want to buy too many of the polishes, because they cost 5€, and only have 5ml in them. But I had to buy the polish to the left, because it reminded me so so much of Chanel's Peridot. It is a duochrome, and like Chanel's Peridot, it has gold and green in it. :-) I tried to capture a good picture, but it was kinda hard.  Let me know if you want to see the swatches :) It is called Diving In Malaysia, if you're interested! :-) 
Then I bought a polish from Mavala, that is called Smoky Blue. It is such a pretty color for fall. It has a few blue glitters in it, that you unfortunately can't see on the picture. :( The other polish is from BeYu, which is a duochrome polish too! I really like it, I'll be putting up swatches of it soon, I hope! :-)

Then I bought two polishes from Essie. They were actually kinda cheap there. Around 6 to 8€, which is pretty cheap compared to the danish price. :P
The greyish one is called Chinchilly, which I think will be my "Back to School" color, LOL! Perfect for fall! :-)
Then I bought a polish from their summer collection (as far as I remember :P) It is called Super Bossa Nova, and it's a pink with some purple shimmer in it. It's lovely :P

So yeah, tell me if there is a polish that you would like to see a swatch of! :-) Btw, I am sorry for all the mistakes in this post, I am really tired, LOL!
See ya <3

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  1. Deborah Milano is an Italian brand. Their the official makeup artist at the Miss Italy beauty contest.
    I only have a couple of products: the concealer in a tube I'm currently using and an ooold nail polish (grandma pinky, lol).
    They have a subbrand called Debby, which is sold in a couple of countries, I think. I saw a trial display in Germany.

    When did you go to Sephora? There isn't a store here, but my sister recently got me some products from the Sephora sales (Precios Locos, here in Spain).
    For Essence, there are many stores that sell them in Barcelona.

  2. I definitely would like to see swatches of the supposed Sephora dupe for Péridot. That's about 20€ here -a money I'm definitely NOT willing to pay.

  3. Essie in Spain for just 6/8€. Where, please?
    Girl, this is beginning to sound like an interrogation, lol.

  4. Such beautiful polishes. :)

  5. Marox79: Oh cool!
    I can't remember which Sephora it was, but it was at a mall where there was a Hello Kitty store, too! :P But we were really in the center of Barcelona, if that helps!
    I bought the Essie's from El Corte Inglés, again, right in the center of Barcelona. They were around 8€, but they had a "10% off" cupon, so I got them a bit cheaper, so they cost me around 6-7€. :) Swatches of the Sephora polish will be up next week! :)

    Sandra: Yeah, I really like them, too! :)

  6. @SM: I didn't know El Corte Inglés carried Essie. Well, probably not all the stores do. I'll check the next time I'm staying at my sister. And Sephora too, lol.

    Wow, you got yourself discounts in Spain!! Wow, consider yourself lucky. The only stuff you usually get discounts with is high-end brands like Chanel or Dior.