mandag den 17. oktober 2011

Long time no see!

I am so so so sorry for not posting anything in ages!
I have just had so many things to do, as school started and stuff! But nothing too new has happened, except the fact that I am getting a little Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever puppy in 24 days! I am so so excited! I've had dogs before, but I've never had a male dog! Ahhh! I can't wait. I will post pictures as soon as he's here!
Oh and then Freja has been a bit sick - I've been so worried for her. But she seems fine now though!
And then I got a few polishes from the US, as my mum was there, and bought me a few ;) I will show you what I got later today! ;)

Even though I have been busy, I haven't forgotten the blog totally. I have taken a few NOTD pictures that I will post later on! :)

I'll see you later on today! ;)

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