fredag den 22. juli 2011

Some new polishes... ;-)

-- Hi! This is a scheduled post, as I am chilling in Finland at the moment, and hopefully buying some new polishes that I can show you! ;-) --
Hi everyone!
I've two new polishes from Gosh to show you that I bought a while ago, while Matas had a Gosh BOGO (Buy one, get one). There weren't many polishes left when I got there, but there was luckily the polish I wanted in the first place, Gosh's Silver. I've heard that it is great for stamping as it is so pigmented. Because Silver was a great polish for stamping, I thought Gosh's Frou-Frou would be great too. Frou-Frou is a rose kind of silvery polish. It is really pretty. I haven't tried them yet, but I am sure that they will be great for it, because they are both one-coaters, which I really love. It's always a huge plus when a polish is a one-coater. :-)

I've also two polishes from Hot Makeup to show you. One of them I've already shown you guys, which is called Venice Green. The other one is called Berlin Electric Blue (which is one of the polishes I took with me to Finland). While Venice Green is a normal creme, Berlin Electric Blue is a jelly kind of polish. :-) I really like them both. They both need one to two coats, which is perfectly fine with me. My limit is 3 coats. ;-)

And then the last polish I will show you is a crazy one. I can't figure out if it is a orange or a pink kinda polish. I think that it is a orange based polish with pink glitter in it.:P But, I love it! I got it from a friend from Dubai.

I hope you are enjoying your day so far! :-)

See ya! :)

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  1. Those GOSH are to die for!!
    As for the Dubai polish, that must be the biggest nail polish bottle ever!!