fredag den 15. juli 2011

NOTD + New nail brushes + Vacation!

I've decided to do this post in english!
Today's NOTD is Essie's Tart Deco (TD), which is a polish that I got for my birthday, a month ago. TD is a coral/peach kind of orange. I really like it. TD looks a lot lighter than it really is on most of the swatches i've seen so far.
I had a really hard time capturing TD, as it looked to light, too dark, too orange and so on... The best way that I could capture TD was under a lamp. So the pictures arent the best, but I tried. :/

Oh, and now that I remember, I ordered some nail brushes from a week ago, and I just got them. There are 12 brushes, and I paid 10 pounds = 90 kr = 17 dollars for them. I know that I could have gotten the way cheaper on Ebay, but oh well. :P There is 5 brushes with a smaller tip, 5 with a bigger, then there is a fan brush and a dotting tool. :) And I love the pink detail on the end of every brush LOL :P

Oh and also; I am going on a 2 week vacation to Finland on Monday - and I have no internet where I am going; does anyone have an idea of what I could do to still post while I am on vacation, or do I just "leave" the blog for two weeks?? :-) And what do you think of Tart Deco? :)

Hope you had a nice day! :-)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Tart Deco er så smuk! Glæder mig til at se hvad du finder på med de nye pensler :)

    Hvis du ikke kan lide at efterlade bloggen i to uger kan du evt. lave nogle nail posts før du tager afsted og så få den til at poste dem på bestemte dage. Uanset hvad, så nyd din ferie! :)

  2. Jette: Nåårh ja, det kan man jo få Blogger til at gøre! Tusind tak for at du mindet mig om det! :-)

  3. have fun on holiday!
    I love the nail polish! i never use nail brushes, im just not talented enough.