tirsdag den 26. juli 2011

Which and how many polishes am I taking with me to Finland?

-- Hi! This is a scheduled post, as I am chilling in Finland at the moment, and hopefully buying some new polishes that I can show you! ;-) --
Someone asked me which polishes I am taking with my on my vacation to Finland. As I don't have so much space, I decided only to take 3 polishes + a base coat (I don't have any top coats anymore, because I used them for Sinful Colors' Blue Ocean). I am also going to take a nail art brush, so I can makes some stripes or something, if I get bored of only have 3 polishes to choose from! :-) But I am sure that I am going to buy some polishes in Finland, so in the end I probably have more than 3 to choose from LOL. So the polishes that I am taking with me are:

Essie - Mint Candy Apple. I love mint green polishes. They are actually my fave. I wasn't sure if I should take Barry M's Mint Green or Essies Mint Candy Apple with me, but I decided to take Mint Candy Apple, as I only have used it twice, and the Barry M is already half empty. And because Mint Candy Apple is a one coater! :P

The next polish that I will be taking with me is Hot Makeup's Berlin Electric Blue. And I am taking that with me because it is a one coater, and very very easy to apply. It's perfect to use if  I am in a rush! :-)

And last but not least, I am taking Gosh's Neon Baby. Neon Baby is a hot pink, but not really neon. The reason that I am taking it with me is, again, because it's a one coater. Neon Baby is from the Special Edition collection for Spring Summer 2011, so you can still get them. The collection haves 4 colors. A lavender/blue one, a pink one, a lilac one and a greyish one. 

The basecoat that I am taking with me is from Mavala. There is not much left in the little polish. I was wondering if one of you know I great basecoat that I should try out? And a mint green polish that I should try out? :-)
As you can see, not much left!

See ya! Have a great day!

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