torsdag den 10. marts 2011

Tag: Beautiful Blogger Award. :-)

Im going to do this post in english, because all the questions in this tag are in english :)
Vettelicious tagged me to do this tag! Thank you :)

When and how did your love for polish begin?
I really got in to nail polishes around Spring/Summer 2010 :) I think it started when I found out that I was going to London in a few months. I then started to check out the stores there on the Internet. I found out that they had awesome deals on Barry M nail polishes in a store called Superdrug, and I really wanted to try them at that time. Then I somehow got more and more into nail polishes! And I am really happy that I did! 

If you could choose to do anything in the world what would it be?
Save the animals! Save the rainforests! Switch Finland's place! Sometimes I just wish that Finland was just as close to me as Germany is. Then I could go to Finland whenever I want, to visit my family! And if you're wondering: why Finland? Im originally from Finland, so I'm actually Finnish :-)

What's your favourite love story?
Hmm..... I'm a sucker for happy endings!! :)

Pass it on! List the ones you tag:
I tag you! If you want to do this tag, then do it! :)

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