mandag den 13. juni 2011

Sally Hansen: No More Breaks

I'm going to do this post in english, because I'm going to write more than I usually do, and it would take too long to write it in both Danish and English. :)
So I was at the drugstore a few days ago, looking at the Sally Hansen stand, where I found a product called "No More Breaks" which claims to give you instantly stronger, fortified nails that resist breaking. Basically, they call it a Natural Nail Strengthener. 
Now, I don't normally believe in those kind of products, but as I have tried other Sally Hansen that actually have worked, I figured that I could just at least try it. Also because it was 25% off. ;) 
ATM I have horrible nails, to be honest. They break really really easily, which causes that I have to wear nail polish all the time, if I don't want them to break. 
It did not say anywhere how long I'll have to wear it, to get stronger nails, so I decided to give it max 3 weeks, and if there isnt any results after the 3 weeks, it'll get a thumbs down, I guess. ;) 
On the package it says that you can apply the polish under and/or over your normal color polish. I think that I'll use it in a few NOTD's, and then just on its own, just to see how it works.
I have been wearing the polish in 3 days, and my nails feel a bit stronger with the polish on. But I'll hope that I'll, after the 3 weeks that I'll give it, have a bit stronger nails, without me having to wear the product. But oh well, we'll just have to wait and see how it goes. :)
So in the next few weeks, it'll be a mix of these posts and my normal NOTD's. :)
See ya! ;)
Oh and also, after the 3 weeks, or so, I'll do a full review of it. :)

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